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geometry Eudaemon Press was initiated in 1972 as a communication arm of the Eudaemon Institute*, a loosely affiliated band of philosophers, academics, scientists, architects, and engineers. The purpose of Eudaemon Press was to publish papers, books, and documentations of various research conducted by its members. Over the years the Press has published works in geometry, cosmology, literature, and art & architecture—all in small editions directed to specific audiences.

Beginning in 2009, Eudaemon Press plans to issue a collection of first edition recent writing on various subjects, as well as expanded new editions of a variety of earlier works by members and associates. As many as seven works will be published during the year 2009, with other works to follow.

geometry*The term Eudaemon comes from the Greek: εὐδαιμονία (Eudaimonia). Etymologically, it consists of the word "eu" ("good" or "well being") and "daimōn" ("spirit"). As an ancient philosophy, the pursuit of eudaimonia is the thesis of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics. Aristotle considers "every art and every scientific inquiry, and similarly every action and purpose, may be said to aim at some good. Hence 'the good' has been well defined as that at which all things aim." For Aristotle, the hierarchy of human striving results in eudaimonia as the highest, most inclusive end. Eudaimonia is constituted, not by honor, wealth, or power, but by rational activity in accordance with virtue throughout a complete life. Such activity manifests the virtues of character, including, honesty, pride, friendliness, and wittiness; the intellectual virtues, such as rationality in judgment; and mutually beneficial friendships and scientific knowledge .

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