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by Robert Williams  |  Paperback-58 pp.  |  ISBN: 978-0-9823465-3-2   |  $10.00 in U.S.A.


PART I: Three ab initio Propositions

PART II: Infusion of Pristine Space--Sequencing Five Fundamental Forces

PART III: Singularity of the Dark Matter/Dark Energy Phenomenon
PART IV: U.S. Patent Office Publication #US-2005-0143919-A1 

Fundamental relationships among (1) the geometry/topology of interacting bodies, (2) the source of the expansion of space, (3) the nature of ‘dark matter’, (4) the value of the Hubble constant, and (5) sequencing fundamental forces, have long confounded scientists. Though space is central to each of these areas, the variety of perceptions regarding the nature of space present a unique challenge to the development of a concept of a multi-scale spatial network system.

The conceptual gap between the gravitational force and the other three known forces is long standing; the decades long search for ’dark matter’ is inconclusive; 400+ widely varied estimates of the Hubble constant have been proposed since 1929. A resolution of inconsistencies within these conflicted research areas requires a scale- invariant geometry/topology model of space and mass. This work presents three ab initio propositions that provide the scale-invariant properties to develop a unified geometry/topology theory of the above five areas.

Three most promising results of this work are: (1) The inclusion of the assiduous infusion of space into the universe, as the initiator/facilitator/sustainer Fifth Fundamental Force that enables a context by which the fundamental forces can be sequenced. (2) the development of a fundamental geometry/topology derivation of the number 137 (fine structure constant--electromagnetic coupling constant), inherent in each fundamental force. (3) The singularity of ‘dark matter/dark energy’ can be modeled from this geometry/topology. The three ab initio propositions presented here show important unifying characteristics among multi-scale structures.They are necessary and sufficient to modify both perceptions of the workings of the universe and to guide further research. In addition to expanded research of geometry/topology implications of this work, I look forward to explorations into multi-scale energetic commonalities of the above mentioned five disciplines. In addition, there are other issues, such as the nature of the cosmological constant and the ‘pioneer anomaly”, that are in need of this fresh approach.

(Paperback-58 pp.) International Standard Book Number: 978-0-9823465-3-2

NEW - Three Volume Set: Geometrical Foundation of Natural Structure

by Robert Williams  |  Paperback, 525 pp.  |  ISBN: 978-0-9823465-4-9.  |  $59.95 in U.S.A.


This UNABRIDGED THREE VOLUME SET contains the extensive geometry- cosmology explorations of Robert Williams. Each book is signed by the author.
Paperback, 528 pages.

The set, in a shipping box, includes:

The 40th Anniversary Commemorative Edition.
•  San Francisco: Eudaemon Press, (2009). Paperback, 262 pages,
•  ISBN: 978-0-9823465-1-8.
•  Expanded and revised edition of the original editions: “Handbook of Structure,” “Natural Structure,” and “Geometrical Foundation of Natural Structure.”

The Introduction of Catenatic Geometry and Its Environs.
•  San Francisco: Eudaemon Press, (2009). Paperback, 204 pages
•  ISBN:978-0-9823465-2-6.
•  The clarification and expansive dissertation on certain subjects covered in The Geometry of Natural Structure. The Kiss Catenatic is a natural philosophy treatise in a classical narrative tradition.

•  San Francisco: Eudaemon Press, (2015). Paperback, 58 pages
•  ISBN:978-0-9823465-3-2.
•  This work presents three ab initio Propositions that contain the essential geometry/topology for the sequencing of five fundamental forces. In addition, the singularity of dark matter/dark energy can also be modeled from this geometry/topology. PART I: Three ab initio Propositions. PART II: Infusion of Pristine Space--Sequencing Five Fundamental Forces. PART III: Singularity of the Dark Matter/Dark Energy Phenomenon ART IV: U.S. Pat. Pending: Application #10/714,142; Publication # US-2005-0143919-A1, (June 30, 2005); “A Unified Method and System for Multi- Dimensional Mapping of Spatial-Energy Relationships Among Micro- and Macro-Events in the Universe.”


by Robert Williams - $30.00 in U.S.A. - PURCHASE THIS BOOK

A Great Resource of Practical Information
"There is a paucity of good books in the area of polyhedral geometry, many books either provide too esoteric an account or too little information for the ordinary person to make use of. This book is one of the major works in the field that should be on any geometers bookshelf. Many classic works either show only a picture of a solid with no metric information or give a verbal description with no illustration to show what the solid looks like, this book is much more balanced in this regard and covers a wide scope of polyhedral information from the basics solids on into the three dimensional patterns that can be formed with them. This book is a great resource for artists, chemists, architects to use to be able to apply polyhedral mathematics to their fields, this is the kind of book that should be a required textbook in college. I recommend this book as the best first introduction to the science of polyhedral geometry."
~Jeremy Dunn

Geometry on Natural Structure In Commemoration of the Fortieth Anniversary… of one of the most cited source books in contemporary scientific and artistic literature, Eudæmon Press is pleased to announce the publication of the beautiful fourth edition of The Geometry of Natural Structure.

First published by the McDonnell-Douglas Advanced Research Laboratories in 1969 with the title, Handbook of Structure, Research Communication 75, it became the most requested publication in the history of DARL. A significantly expanded version was published by Eudaemon Press in 1972 with the title Natural Structure: Toward a Form Language. The third edition appeared as a Dover Science Book Publication, titled, The Geometrical Foundation of Natural Structure beginning in 1979. In the forty years that The Geometry of Natural Structure has been available to the public, the work has continued to be a valuable resource tool for scientists, architects, and artists.

The Geometry of Natural Structure is a comprehensive work on geometric form in space. A convenient and stimulating handbook for scientists and designers, it covers the regular and semi-regular polyhedra, their various symmetries, how they fit together to fill space, and other structural considerations.

Beginning with an introduction that places geometric structure in its proper mathematical context, the author then presents a detailed description of the core geometric forms of natural structure: polygons, polyhedra, aggregations of spheres, and packings of polyhedra. Topics considered include: the inter-relationships among geometrical/ topological forms, the unit cell concept, Golden Section, surface area and volume relationships of polyhedra, sphere coverings, Euler's law, and polyhedra distortions. Mr. Williams concludes with a rewarding discussion of the methodologies by which forms can be generated: truncation, rotation-translation, augmentation-deletion, fistulation, and others. The many tables located through¬out the text are extremely valuable for reference.

Anyone seeking a greater understanding of the nature of two- and three-dimensional forms, along with methods of generating forms, will find this book a definitive and continuing personal resource. A richly visual book that is both non-technical and well¬ written, it will be of interest not only to architects, industrial and environmental designers, scientists, and mathematicians, but also-because of its many excellent drawings-to artists and general readers, anyone in fact, who wants to explore the beauties and relationships inherent in geometric forms.

Unabridged, corrected (2009) fourth edition of the original (1969) edition. New preface. Index. Bibliography. 255 figures. xix + 265pp. 81/2 x 11.
ISBN: 978-0-9823465-1-8
Paperbound: $30.00

Eudaemon Press announces the first edition of:

THE KISS CATENATIC - The Introduction of Catenatic Geometry and its Environs

by Robert Williams - Paperbound $30.00 in U.S.A.-PURCHASE THIS BOOK

kiss THE KISS CATENATIC is a natural philosophy treatise in a classic narrative tradition. It is an expansive companion work of The Geometry of Natural Structure, now in its 40th anniversary edition. In The Kiss Catenatic, Robert Williams presents his theory of Catenatic Geometry, which shows the intercom- nectedness among entities, events, energies and forms in the Universe, whether they be visible or invisible, short-lived or enduring. The author uses Catenatic Geometry as a general teaching resource to demonstrate a new way of viewing the Universe in which we live.


  • proposes that Catenatic Geometry Principles can be drawn upon to enhance understanding in all areas of human interest, whether these interests lay in the hard sciences, the soft sciences, or in personal sensitivities to the world around us; prescribes the manner by which the Assiduous Growth of Space in the Universe is the fifth force of the Fundamental Forces of nature;
  • offers Catenatic Geometry concepts of spatial/energy discrete units that comprise space, as the fundamental source of spatial growth, spatial compactification, spatial friction, spatial pressure, and spatial wind;
  • presents the manner by which the Assiduous Growth of Space in the Universe is the singular source of both Dark Matter and Dark Energy;
  • describes two new universal dimensionless constants, and derives the refined value for the Hubble constant in astrophysics from first principles;
  • refines the principle of least-action geodesics, and derives the Catena speed of light from Catenatic Geometry Principles;
  • uses Catenatic Geometry Principles as the key for the development a comprehensive map of the Universe.

THE KISS CATENATIC guides the reader on a provocative journey to explore a multi-disciplined approach centered on the Catenatic Principle into a world in which relationships are re-defined and enhanced …a clear vision of renewed possibilities.

Robert Williams is Director of Research for the Eudaemon Institute, a loosely affiliated cadre of independent thinkers and scholars. His love has always been geometry and natural structure, and his investigations in astronomy and cosmology led to this 2009 first edition publication from Eudaemon Press.

First edition (2009): Preface. Lexicon. Bibliography. Index. 100+ figures. xvi + 204 pages. 81/2 x 11 .
ISBN: 978-0-9823465-2-5
Paperbound: $30.00


by Robert Williams - $25.00 in U.S.A.-PURCHASE THIS BOOK

Integration of Universal constantsThe INTEGRATION of UNIVERSAL CONSTANTS is the introduction and description of six Cosmology Charts, first assembled by Robert Williams in 1978. Calligraphy is by Lin Mithuna. The six charts integrate subject matter from sacred geometry, metaphysics-physics, alchemy-chemistry, astrology-astronomy, psychology-parapsychology of both the microcosm and the macrocosm. They integrate both Eastern and Western mystical traditions. The Charts come in an envelope that is separate from the book, so that the reader can spread them out and study them in their entirety.

Four Charts are presented in a format that encourages careful thought, study, and analysis; two Charts are presented in a form that encourages deep feelings and meditation. Though this work appears to be diminutive at first glance, it contains an extraordinary depth of integration of the universal constants, beginning with the ideal forms of the Elements—Fire, Air, Water, Earth, and Ether. From the exploration of this quintessence, the spectrum Law of Seven is developed, followed by the prismatic Law of Twelve. For those readers fascinated by the metaphysical Doctrine of Signatures and the Law of Correspondences, this book and its Cosmological Charts are a most treasured addition to knowledge.

Thumbnails below are 2 of the 6 charts that are included in the book.

Click on thumbnail to see larger chart
word of prismcoord of anatomy

Book with six charts:
Preface. Bibliography. xiii + 33 pp. + six foldout color charts in attached folder. 7” x 8.5” Paperbound.
ISBN: 978-0-9823465-0-1

Future Publications From Eudaemon Press:

Or,Who Do You Think You Are, Really?

by William Paff MA MFT- Available for purchase in January 2011

Transparent Mind It's hard to resist a short, easy-to-read-in-one-sitting book that promises readers a whole new perspective on their life, environment, and relationships. But even for those who are drawn in by this claim, one can't help but wonder: Can a book really accomplish all that in a scant 96 pages? William Paff comes close to delivering. At the very least, THE TRANSPARENT MIND provides readers with the tools and insight to begin an exciting journey of self-discovery and personal growth. And for some, the exercises and teachings in the book may indeed be enough to radically change how they approach their lives. The book's basic premise is that all of our beliefs, fears, likes and dislikes, emotions, and drives are learned responses and reactions to our environment. We have to abandon our false identities that we learned as children or adopted as adults so that we can live in a free and open manner that reflects our true nature. Paff defines Transparent Mind as a clear awareness of who we really are. To help people experience Transparent Mind, Paff instructs the reader in the use of the Mandala Process, a technique based on the Mandala, a spiritual symbol of wholeness and interconnectedness. Paff's own visual representation of the Mandala is a wheel with an indigo core, gold spokes, and a fiery rim. He says that as we move into the indigo core, we are moving into our deepest essence. Then as we travel through the golden spokes, we are moving into a life full of energy and abundance. Whenever we have a feeling that elicits a drive or emotion, we can move outside the Mandala and experience the feeling without resistance or attachment. The feeling will quickly dissolve, at which point we can move back within the Mandala and choose how we want to act upon the fleeting feeling. This is markedly different than impulsively reacting to the feeling based on a conditioned response—an action that would be considered outside the Mandala. While all this may sound abstract, the author peppers his book with plenty of examples and adeptly guides readers in the use of the Mandala Process. William Paff, a licensed marriage and family therapist, developed these techniques to help his clients deal with life's everyday issues. As such, the techniques presented in THE TRANSPARENT MIND are very practical and not simply derived from esoteric philosophy.

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